Week 6 – Cut -n- Paste

Ahhh the movie poster. It IS a bit familiar, having done a dream board or two, but the importance is so much more intentional!! It’s more than just the visual side of life, I totally get that!! Well it’s not easy to find just what to hone in on, what are the most important factors? It’s been a stretch of my imagination just to expand from my basic needs concepts on life into growing vision to be able to want things more than just what’s needed. More than the basics. More than… just more. How about that? That’s a stretch in and of its own sometimes, feeling deserving of more when seeing people with so, so much less.


Now… to really fixate on the things that align with the personal needs I’ve selected for my life, and relating them to my life today, and really making them a front and center component of my day, my thoughts, my life… I’m in! I see shapes. I see colors. I see my future everywhere I go. I can do this!!


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