Week 5 – Hot Dang! I am OPINIONATED!

It’s true. I always knew. It’s funny to draw my own attention to it!! EEK! I started young in life as bossy which maybe had a slightly cool ring to it, like it gave me a position of authority over the young’uns in the fam. I was the eldest, after all. I didn’t often hold back. I had lots of opinions, and I shared them freely. Like… FOR FREEI didn’t have one of those complexes about being ALWAYS RIGHT, either. I just didn’t care for being WRONG. I was all for seeing both sides, just give me a solid logic statement and I’m all ears. Pretty sure I found my groove in the Opinion style of writing – where it’s not wrong if you can back it up!! I was pretty darn good at it, too…

Somewhere along that line, Bossy got upgraded in for Opinionated and booooyyyyyy did that have a different ring to it!! And I don’t mean a positive ring! It was all I could do to put a spin on it. I really looked for ways to harness it, and started focusing a potential career paths of Journalist or Lawyer. Well, evidently I objected to that (haha) or rather the financial possibility was far from reach. Really the next best thing was harvesting it! I became a great listener and observer, and offered my advice or rather, opinion, to friends in need. I think there, that’s where I loved it the most. Offering ideas that my friends weren’t always able to see. Hearing the struggle, and guiding them back to the thoughts they were juggling. It’s funny to think about now… All of my paths since have involved listening, analyzing, and offering. (Typically ONLY when solicited. Or when people seem at their wits end.)

So here I am. In a career of advisory (go figure), feeling oftentimes like a cross between a hairdresser and a bartender in what gets shared, and feeling like the input I have might actually be able to help influence positive direction for people! But for now… I put a cork in it. I have noticed already the difficulties here. Awareness is the first key, of course… then holding the tongue… then realizing the opinion doesn’t need to be there (I’m guessing that’s coming with practice.)

The bold faced truth: I found myself looking for the loophole on DAY ONE of this challenge. Yep. I’m serious. Turning myself in red-handed. Hot-lipped perhaps. It started with acknowledgement of opinions, and the quick progression to the phrase And that’s a fact … shortened quickly to just fact. Today I actually reached for DARK SARCASM in that opposite-how-I-really-feel kind of way to avoid missing out on my two cents… Like that’s not an actual opinion, right? Hmmm. Ego is taking a blow on this one. Even putting it out there has been a big ole kick in the E. It’s for her own good, and she knows it.


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