Week 4 – Peptides Firing


WoW. I am blown away. WHAT A CONCEPT!! I am thinking pretty seriously now about the moods and reactions that are my go-to. What am I actually addicted to feeling? Where am I leading my emotional roller coaster subconsciously? 

I have been keying into my own emotions anyway, for maybe a couple of years now… letting things go, spending no more than a few minutes on a frustration, choosing happiness, etc. It’s a retraining – just like this MKMME program, and it takes daily effort and consistency… fall down, acknowledge, get back up, move on  sort of training. It’s not easy!! It’s been worth it though, to spend more time in happiness than in misery.

BUT AM  I FIGHTING SUBBY HERE? Because I will fight her. I will take a stronger hand at following the science to reprogram this peptide chain! I “get” peptides from a protein perspective! I know how to train those!! I CAN TRAIN the visiting yuck yuck out of my system too. I refuse to believe that Subby wants regular negative vibes feeding us. C’mon Subby, what we really want is happiness, laughter, cheer, joy, and all great things with just a little infrequent visit from the other side of the coin – just to know we’re still alive, and to teach us to better appreciate all the aforementioned goodies! Let’s go, baby, we’ve got these chains!!


4 thoughts on “Week 4 – Peptides Firing”

  1. Great post! When I first heard Mark talk about peptides I thought they were the same as the ones in the facial creams … lol! But I’m guessing those are different.


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