Week 3 – The meaning of BALANCE

balanceIt’s not easy. It’s not easy. IT’S NOT EASY.

Right. So the hard part is out there. The first two weeks – easy breezy lemon squeezy. You’re psyched up. You’re on fiyaaahhhh. You’re ready to rock some changes. You’re committed. You’re walking on sunshine. Interest level is high, and DO IT NOW just flows out of your mouth like at least 3 times a day for at least 25 repetitions. Was that 24 or 25? Let me just do another 5 just in case.  And what happens? You DO. IT. NOW.

So then there’s this other thing called LIFE. And it’s pretty unforgiving at times. Like — oh hey, the bunny needs food… and water, and cuddles, and a photo session… The kitchen stove needs a wipe down… and a sanitizing, and the counters while you’re at it, and… what is THAT? And we need to look at some new medical providers… and set some appointments up, and clear out the balances, and cross check insurance… and we’re relocating, so houses… Let’s go see this one… and that one… and this one too… Ok, so maybe just a few things are in DISARRAY!!! Right, but that’s life. Like – always a balance of CHAOS and STRUCTURE, right? So what is that? Structure? Just a plan for managing chaos. AKA- Balance. I love that this program is set up with a natural timing, it flows, it goes, it makes sense!! So why did things fizzle down a little for me this week? I think coming out of the gate strong, I planned for a certain amount of balance, and notice yes – there is more needed!! I for sure missed a lunch time session or THREE this week. Can I get better? YES! Can I make it happen? YES! Can I go back and re-do the misses? NO!! So giving the control up to the ghost, and making amends for a better TODAY because that one is in my forward radar. Look, I even got my blog done even if a day late on my schedule.


8 thoughts on “Week 3 – The meaning of BALANCE”

  1. I think “life” happens to all of us. Although some of us might have more time then others for the work for the class. I know I’ve missed a read here or there myself & I just hate it. Thankfully I think it was only 1 or 2. But I feel SO guilty when I miss something, cuz like you said you can’t go back & do it. So with “life” that will continue to happen, I’m really trying to make sure I fit everything into every day. & hope you will be able to, too! Good Luck!


  2. So refreshing to read about things that most of us struggle with. And you describe it so well! I look forward to follow you on your way.
    Thank you for sharing!


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