Week 1 – From Teacher to Student

It’s true what they say, when you stop growing, you die. Well I’m not ready for that yet!

My whole life I’ve spent as a student. Early on, awakening to the world within my sight, grasping to soak it all in – in all the wonderful ways a child does. I found grade school to be fascinating, a lesson a day, or more, coming out with more curiosities to keep looking into. High school was a little more of a lesson in self learning – which courses appeal to me, who do I want to be? From there, choosing a path or two to take in the future.

I went on as the first of my family to graduate high school – and the first to head to college. It was a whole different lesson. A lesson in motivation, and consequences for actions that I had never learned before! WOW! Eye-opening. I became a student more of life than of the course work. People watching, situation soaking, and being a great listener – really learning some solid social communication and relationship skills to take forward. Of course, some curriculum as well. I graduated as a teacher.

Oh I was not a teacher yet! Subject, sure. I knew my stuff. I took extra measures and went out of my way to be prepared in that sense. I was a good student. But the things they don’t teach you… So back at it I went. Studying better teachers, reading, learning. I dug into a Master’s program as well, and learned a whole new side of those skills. In this process, a stronger teacher was born. Better and more prepared — but I never stopped learning.

Before long, I could actually feel the shift. From Student to Teacher. Continuing education, but more focused on delivery than intake. I never wanted to stop learning, but I felt it become the secondary purpose. Keeping up with professional development, as a requirement to check off the list, not as a means of betterment. Soon after that, becoming that cranky educator that loathed the “new programs” and the “Staff Development Days” that threw the routine off track. Yes, that happens to just about all educators- you watch the wheel spin, and spin, and spin, and then spin back… all the while being expected to stay flexible to the “new’ methods (when your effective methods weren’t broken…)

The system wore me out. I didn’t feel like I was most effective in this wheel any more. So — CAREER CHANGE! Into an area where personal growth and development were not only recommended, they’re basically ESSENTIAL – and the learner re-emerged. It’s been a journey of self -guided study, and I am most excited NOW for the guided course to take its turn. To study with intent, and learn to grow at an exponential rate. Change is inevitable, but the KIND of change that stirs up excitement… well this is a new beginning. The Student is ready.


5 thoughts on “Week 1 – From Teacher to Student”

  1. Wow! A story of courageous firsts and consistent determination to dig deep, bringing out the best of who you are. You’re taking the leap and the next step is appearing. Good for you to make a choice to change, rather than gutting-it-out until retirement. You’re not one to cower on the safe path!!


    1. Thank you so much Miriam!! Yes, I watched a lot of settling all while growing up, so part of my learning was watching people who weren’t willing to settle — because truly it’s UNSETTLING!! I blaze trails. I don’t believe I am meant to be living as small as I am right now ❤


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