Week 6 – Cut -n- Paste

Ahhh the movie poster. It IS a bit familiar, having done a dream board or two, but the importance is so much more intentional!! It’s more than just the visual side of life, I totally get that!! Well it’s not easy to find just what to hone in on, what are the most important factors? It’s been a stretch of my imagination just to expand from my basic needs concepts on life into growing vision to be able to want things more than just what’s needed. More than the basics. More than… just more. How about that? That’s a stretch in and of its own sometimes, feeling deserving of more when seeing people with so, so much less.


Now… to really fixate on the things that align with the personal needs I’ve selected for my life, and relating them to my life today, and really making them a front and center component of my day, my thoughts, my life… I’m in! I see shapes. I see colors. I see my future everywhere I go. I can do this!!


Week 5 – Hot Dang! I am OPINIONATED!

It’s true. I always knew. It’s funny to draw my own attention to it!! EEK! I started young in life as bossy which maybe had a slightly cool ring to it, like it gave me a position of authority over the young’uns in the fam. I was the eldest, after all. I didn’t often hold back. I had lots of opinions, and I shared them freely. Like… FOR FREEI didn’t have one of those complexes about being ALWAYS RIGHT, either. I just didn’t care for being WRONG. I was all for seeing both sides, just give me a solid logic statement and I’m all ears. Pretty sure I found my groove in the Opinion style of writing – where it’s not wrong if you can back it up!! I was pretty darn good at it, too…

Somewhere along that line, Bossy got upgraded in for Opinionated and booooyyyyyy did that have a different ring to it!! And I don’t mean a positive ring! It was all I could do to put a spin on it. I really looked for ways to harness it, and started focusing a potential career paths of Journalist or Lawyer. Well, evidently I objected to that (haha) or rather the financial possibility was far from reach. Really the next best thing was harvesting it! I became a great listener and observer, and offered my advice or rather, opinion, to friends in need. I think there, that’s where I loved it the most. Offering ideas that my friends weren’t always able to see. Hearing the struggle, and guiding them back to the thoughts they were juggling. It’s funny to think about now… All of my paths since have involved listening, analyzing, and offering. (Typically ONLY when solicited. Or when people seem at their wits end.)

So here I am. In a career of advisory (go figure), feeling oftentimes like a cross between a hairdresser and a bartender in what gets shared, and feeling like the input I have might actually be able to help influence positive direction for people! But for now… I put a cork in it. I have noticed already the difficulties here. Awareness is the first key, of course… then holding the tongue… then realizing the opinion doesn’t need to be there (I’m guessing that’s coming with practice.)

The bold faced truth: I found myself looking for the loophole on DAY ONE of this challenge. Yep. I’m serious. Turning myself in red-handed. Hot-lipped perhaps. It started with acknowledgement of opinions, and the quick progression to the phrase And that’s a fact … shortened quickly to just fact. Today I actually reached for DARK SARCASM in that opposite-how-I-really-feel kind of way to avoid missing out on my two cents… Like that’s not an actual opinion, right? Hmmm. Ego is taking a blow on this one. Even putting it out there has been a big ole kick in the E. It’s for her own good, and she knows it.

Week 4 – Peptides Firing


WoW. I am blown away. WHAT A CONCEPT!! I am thinking pretty seriously now about the moods and reactions that are my go-to. What am I actually addicted to feeling? Where am I leading my emotional roller coaster subconsciously? 

I have been keying into my own emotions anyway, for maybe a couple of years now… letting things go, spending no more than a few minutes on a frustration, choosing happiness, etc. It’s a retraining – just like this MKMME program, and it takes daily effort and consistency… fall down, acknowledge, get back up, move on  sort of training. It’s not easy!! It’s been worth it though, to spend more time in happiness than in misery.

BUT AM  I FIGHTING SUBBY HERE? Because I will fight her. I will take a stronger hand at following the science to reprogram this peptide chain! I “get” peptides from a protein perspective! I know how to train those!! I CAN TRAIN the visiting yuck yuck out of my system too. I refuse to believe that Subby wants regular negative vibes feeding us. C’mon Subby, what we really want is happiness, laughter, cheer, joy, and all great things with just a little infrequent visit from the other side of the coin – just to know we’re still alive, and to teach us to better appreciate all the aforementioned goodies! Let’s go, baby, we’ve got these chains!!

Week 3 – The meaning of BALANCE

balanceIt’s not easy. It’s not easy. IT’S NOT EASY.

Right. So the hard part is out there. The first two weeks – easy breezy lemon squeezy. You’re psyched up. You’re on fiyaaahhhh. You’re ready to rock some changes. You’re committed. You’re walking on sunshine. Interest level is high, and DO IT NOW just flows out of your mouth like at least 3 times a day for at least 25 repetitions. Was that 24 or 25? Let me just do another 5 just in case.  And what happens? You DO. IT. NOW.

So then there’s this other thing called LIFE. And it’s pretty unforgiving at times. Like — oh hey, the bunny needs food… and water, and cuddles, and a photo session… The kitchen stove needs a wipe down… and a sanitizing, and the counters while you’re at it, and… what is THAT? And we need to look at some new medical providers… and set some appointments up, and clear out the balances, and cross check insurance… and we’re relocating, so houses… Let’s go see this one… and that one… and this one too… Ok, so maybe just a few things are in DISARRAY!!! Right, but that’s life. Like – always a balance of CHAOS and STRUCTURE, right? So what is that? Structure? Just a plan for managing chaos. AKA- Balance. I love that this program is set up with a natural timing, it flows, it goes, it makes sense!! So why did things fizzle down a little for me this week? I think coming out of the gate strong, I planned for a certain amount of balance, and notice yes – there is more needed!! I for sure missed a lunch time session or THREE this week. Can I get better? YES! Can I make it happen? YES! Can I go back and re-do the misses? NO!! So giving the control up to the ghost, and making amends for a better TODAY because that one is in my forward radar. Look, I even got my blog done even if a day late on my schedule.

Week 2 – As The Tide Turns

tadal wave

Just seeing it now. The image of a tidal wave is all I can think of to describe it! The power of the mind is something I really do believe is. It’s funny how we think we have all the right ideas to lock it in on what you want. I mean, I’ve read books upon books on the topic. I’ve even read Mandino! Of course, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Secret and the sequels, and a host of others – from HOW it works to HOW to do it… and yet — let me tell you — I’ve not been manifesting what I think I should be manifesting. I look around and it’s good but I know I can do better. Ever have those thoughts?

What a difference it makes to work through it with a structure and a routine. Literally a road map to making it work. I love that what we are doing is — Step by step, at this time, in this manner, and for this much. It’s really what I have been missing, trying to go it in my own lane and drifting through. I feel a different connection with the concepts right about now. Already seeing a shift in how I feel about my DMP (or what I’ve always known as My WHY) and I am so grateful for the coaching to go along with making that so much stronger. It’s really digging in. It’s making a shift already that I can feel with my whole self. I am thinking on purpose, filtering thoughts, and using stronger vision for what I REALLY want. Is it safe to say (and throw massive amounts of gratitude out there) that I am already seeing things align? Is that okay? I mean in multiple aspects here. It’s as though I am manifesting mini WINS already. I am VERY aware of them. I am feeling the tidal wave come in at the right time for sure… this is ON! Like a switch… and rolling toward the shore… I’m READY. ROLL TIDE!!!


Week 1 – From Teacher to Student

It’s true what they say, when you stop growing, you die. Well I’m not ready for that yet!

My whole life I’ve spent as a student. Early on, awakening to the world within my sight, grasping to soak it all in – in all the wonderful ways a child does. I found grade school to be fascinating, a lesson a day, or more, coming out with more curiosities to keep looking into. High school was a little more of a lesson in self learning – which courses appeal to me, who do I want to be? From there, choosing a path or two to take in the future.

I went on as the first of my family to graduate high school – and the first to head to college. It was a whole different lesson. A lesson in motivation, and consequences for actions that I had never learned before! WOW! Eye-opening. I became a student more of life than of the course work. People watching, situation soaking, and being a great listener – really learning some solid social communication and relationship skills to take forward. Of course, some curriculum as well. I graduated as a teacher.

Oh I was not a teacher yet! Subject, sure. I knew my stuff. I took extra measures and went out of my way to be prepared in that sense. I was a good student. But the things they don’t teach you… So back at it I went. Studying better teachers, reading, learning. I dug into a Master’s program as well, and learned a whole new side of those skills. In this process, a stronger teacher was born. Better and more prepared — but I never stopped learning.

Before long, I could actually feel the shift. From Student to Teacher. Continuing education, but more focused on delivery than intake. I never wanted to stop learning, but I felt it become the secondary purpose. Keeping up with professional development, as a requirement to check off the list, not as a means of betterment. Soon after that, becoming that cranky educator that loathed the “new programs” and the “Staff Development Days” that threw the routine off track. Yes, that happens to just about all educators- you watch the wheel spin, and spin, and spin, and then spin back… all the while being expected to stay flexible to the “new’ methods (when your effective methods weren’t broken…)

The system wore me out. I didn’t feel like I was most effective in this wheel any more. So — CAREER CHANGE! Into an area where personal growth and development were not only recommended, they’re basically ESSENTIAL – and the learner re-emerged. It’s been a journey of self -guided study, and I am most excited NOW for the guided course to take its turn. To study with intent, and learn to grow at an exponential rate. Change is inevitable, but the KIND of change that stirs up excitement… well this is a new beginning. The Student is ready.